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Why should you have a booking engine on your website?


     If you do not have a booking engine on your website that allows real time availability with rate information and immediate confirmations, you are just losing business. You have spent the time, money and effort to build and maintain a website, you should try to get the most out of it. 


     The way the booking engine works: From your website, the guest will click on a link that says “Book Online.” They will then leave your website, and go to our booking website, which will be set up to duplicate your website homepage.


They check rates and availability, then enter their credit card to make a reservation. The reservation will be delivered by fax and email, in the same way that your GDS reservations come to you. The availability data is drawn from our system that you are already doing, so there is no more work to do.


     Many people live a lot of their lives through a computer these days and simply book their rooms online… and with today’s demand for instant gratification, they don’t want to send an email, make a phone call or wait for a confirmation. When people find a room they want, they want to get their booking done, put in their credit card number and book their room. In addition to that, travelers with time zone constraints that don’t allow a phone call can book easily.


Benefits to your property:


  1. Greater production from your website. Now, in addition to phone calls and emails you will receive confirmed reservations with the credit card number attached.

  2. Instead of phone calls from people inquiring about rates, or emails which require follow up work and potentially fall through, you will receive confirmed reservations.

  3. The reservations are less than half the cost of the reservations that you are currently receiving, there are no travel agent fees and no GDS fees involved.


  • Let your website do the marketing for you and close the sale!

  • Most hotels increase their website production by 30% or more, and it takes less work!

  • You get more reservations, because the guest can book the room RIGHT NOW!

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