What is the GDS\ IDS?


GDS stands for Global Distribution Systems while IDS stands for Internet Distribution Services. The original idea behind GDS was to cater to the airline industry and facilitate online flight bookings. But when the prospect of the technology was truly understood it was used for all kinds of reservations including hotel reservations. GDS was soon clubbed with IDS further popularizing the concept. With the help of the latter, Internet portals could now offer hotel reservations. So basically what happened is that hotels could now use the Internet more vigorously and market themselves in many more platforms.


GDS/IDS put your hotel in front of thousands and thousands of travel agents, increasing your visibility by several notches. Once the travel agents see your rates, discounts and offers, they will try selling your hotel rooms as it will benefit them too. To tap a sizable online market share, it is essential that you make the most of the technology and see the online hotel booking rising.


When you choose ORS, you can be sure that your property is getting the widest possible GDS (and IDS) distribution as we subscribe to all the channels.




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Give Us A Call!The ORS System provides a simple and affordable way to connect to the GDS, IDS, and other electronic markets for reservations.  We specialize in working with independent and smaller properties. 

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