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Basic Service


We know your time is valuable so here is a very quick breakdown of

how our system makes it easy for independent hotels and motels.



1.    We list your property in the system used by all the travel sites and travel

      agents worldwide so they can sell your rooms.


2.    You control your inventory by blocking rooms when they are not

        available. No software required, just an internet connection.


3.    Reservations delivered by email and fax, you charge the guest credit card

        for the deposit or the entire reservation amount.


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Give Us A Call!The ORS System provides a simple and affordable way to connect to the GDS, IDS, and other electronic markets for reservations.  We specialize in working with independent and smaller properties. 

When is the last time you spoke to a hotel/motel marketing professional? Call 866-930-1115 for a quick, no pressure conversation with one of our specialists.   Are you thinking about your marketing plan for this season? Include the GDS and electronic markets!  Call us now for great results!


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